U.S. Coating Applicators, L.L.C. is a leading applicator of fluid-applied lining systems for steel and concrete chemical containment and processing equipment.  We have excellent references in both trowel and spray-applied applications, particularly storage tanks and FGD scrubber modules.

• Industrial Protective Coatings

• Tank Linings

• Industrial Painting

• Dustless Sandblasting

• Spray & Trowel Application Specialists

• Corrosion Assessment Services

• Concrete Protection

• Shotblasting & Sandblasting

Over 6 million sq ft of linings installed!

Experience Service and Reliability

Our business is to give you the best that we’ve got. You expect us to know our trade inside and out.

We want you to know that as buyers ourselves, we are as tough on our suppliers as we expect you to be on us.

The responsibility for good contracts and good work starts with us…and we’d like to show you that we are up to the task.

We can absolutely do the job right…every time.